YOUR tax money, going DOWN the drain – PMLN EXPOSED !

If the fact that Maryam Nawaz Shareef and Marvi Memon having no position in Punjab Government but still distributing laptops didn’t shock you enough, here is another gem coming your way:

PML-N is paying its social media team through YOUR tax payments. YES, It’s your money that is being used by PML-N

After the 30th October Lahore Jalsa of PTI, PML-N’s ranks were terribly shaken and to catch up with PTI’s strength on social media, PML-N have resorted to all kinds of tactics including hiring hundreds of paid social media workers who were given the task of making new pro PML-N pages and running mud-slinging campaigns against PPP, MQM and PTI. All these are modern campaigning techniques so nothing wrong with them but question arises how these media teams are being paid?  Where other parties have dedicated volunteers working on social media, PML-N is exploiting the resources of Punjab Government and using YOUR tax money to pay THEIR hired hands for social media campaigns. Take a look at this article by e-tribune

The question arises: Why are these people hired by Punjab Government and being paid by citizens’ tax money to do social media propaganda in PML-N’s favor and to malign other political parties, especially PTI? Don’t believe this? Take a look at the three names mentioned in the above article.

  1. Faiz Khan
  2. Faraz Tajammul
  3. Abu Bakar Umar

Now see this: Fraz Tajammul being given job in Punjab IT Board and what is he doing there?

Fraz Tajammul posted above picture of his IT directorate office on facebook.  Now look below and see him being a member of the group, PityForPTI. On whose orders is he doing this?

Another picture of Fraz Tajammul on CM Punjab’s official facebook page

Now see the image below. This is a database of PML-N pages run by their social media workers. See Faiz Khan’s name there? Look closely at No. 19 and No. 25 pages being run by him. And not just him, there are other paid workers like Gohar Fayyaz working full time on PML-N’s payroll to malign other political parties. This is how our tax money is being used by Punjab Government to promote PML-N and creating propaganda against others.

(click on image to enlarge)

To give a small example of how they work and create false propaganda, take a look at this image. Gohar Fayyaz, Asrar Hassan and Majid Taimoor are all part of PityForPTI and are paid by PML-N by OUR hard earned tax money.

Not onlyPML-N is cheating us out of our money, they are also using all sorts of illegal means to stop other parties from social media campaigning. Take a look at below facebook status by Fawad Khalid, another PML-N social media active member/official youth representative

This calls for an enquiry into PML-N’s paid social media team, sponsored by YOUR tax money, OUR tax money. We will not let Punjab Government cheat us anymore. As common citizens of Pakistan, we have a complete right to know why are these people being hired by Punjab Government, paid by tax payers money and are asked to do PML-N propaganda on social media?


PMLN Social Media Team Exposed –  Funded by YOUR Money

18 thoughts on “YOUR tax money, going DOWN the drain – PMLN EXPOSED !

  1. This is soooo DUMB !! You’ve no proof of it. . . . I support PML-N . . And i’m member of most of those groups/pages you mentioned above. . . . I never get PAID !! You should be ashamed of yourself . . . Cheap tactic to defame PML-N !

  2. I am the one who stands accused by baseless allegations here and I would like to reply briefly that all said charges are false and have no bearing to the truth. I invite PTI and its team members to prove any of these allegations of financial compensation as the above does not really do or say much; the onus is on the accuser to prove guilt.

    I can provide all my bank statements and access – and if PTI is unable to prove these charges, then they must apologize in public, fire all their paid team members in social media and media department and pay for defamation damages.

    To reiterate so that you guys get it right: NO TAX MONEY OR MONEY FROM PUNJAB GOVT HAS TO BEEN PAID TO ME. Rather I have left my career and company overseas and putting in my efforts in Pakistan on my own (including a ton of charity work which I am sure you guys will never see) out of my own pocket.

    I will be issuing legal notices to all those who have put this baseless propaganda together along with the party to try to accuse fair and professional people who have worked selflessly.

    My best regards to PTI,

    Faiz Khan

  3. Whoever wrote this, must be feeling really sick after spreading rumors & twisting the actual facts. Shame on such fake journalism & shame on such news media for publishing it without verifying it.
    Unlike PTI & MQM, PMLN social media members are volunteers. And everyone knows it.
    Shame on such media & media personnels.

  4. It amuses me to see , to what lengths brainwashed pti trolls could go to defame people..creating such blogs and baseless allegations wont get PAKISTAN THUG ITTEHAD anywhere. Over the last few months the masses have seen countinious U Turns by imran khan and we could judge by seeing falling numbers in their jalsa’s , people have stopped joining , in fact those who joined have realized their mistake and are actually leaving this joke of a party filled with tried and tested political discards…. we all know thug ittehad’s claim to fame was on social mediums only and they are the ones with paid trolls working for them online, since they started loosing their grip on such mediums , these poor souls came up with such concocted stories, shame on PTI

  5. bhai jaan meherbaan qadardaan ap loog social media pe apnay apko pti walay sab say zayada kabil e fakhar hunehar sharif shurfa etc samajhtay thay sirf teen bandun ne aapki pori social media performance ki band bajadi? dargaye pmln sa hai koi prove to lawu faiz khan fraz tajjamul ke khilaf bol rahay hain uppar twitter par trend chalanay sa yah blog bananay sa jhut ko sach main tabdil nain kia jasakta i salute pmln s great performance on social media to expose pti keyboard warriors and bahria khan tsunami who took money from malik riaz for his jalsas i salute pmln s social media team who exposed that bahria khan tsunami is behind yda s false acts when pti failed to reply pmln social media team s questions based on truth they started propaganda to defame them whole pti is afraid of just 3 people of pmln ? tsunami inqalabi khud jhut ka planda hain that s why they can t answer these people with logics r u people afraid of shahbaz sharif s page likes ? u people mentioned that faiz khan is the owner of pmln official pages and i know it well that he is not the admin of those pages which u have mentioned we the pmln workers regardless of pmln social media team will answer the false allegations by zardari toola (pti + pmlq) against pmln for ever and ever and ever u can t stop us by defaming just few people who exposed the whole tsunami Long Live Pmln Long Live Pakistan

  6. another propaganda against PMLN . . . @writer: u need to grow up as i am also a member of these pages, but i dont c any one who is getting paid . . . simply a shameful writing

  7. Pmln should be ashamed of using the public money for their personal gain… they did same when nawaz and maryam distribued laptops frm tax payers money

  8. A guy with a screen name ‘Faiz Khan’ replies. Then someone with another screen name PMLN “volunteers” replies.

    “volunteers”….”faiz khan” …. chor ki daari mein tinka! ROTFLMAO

    I guess I’ll put my screen name as “Shehbaz Sharif” …now you should go suspend yourselves :p

  9. all the accused coming on this page and giving explanations, further proves that the information presented is absolutely true.

  10. Great effort , I personally salute the efforts of those who are doing this noble task and openly stand with them.

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